Enabling African Potential Through Smart Impact Sourcing And Venture-Building Solutions.

Innovation House Dakar is creating -- and enabling -- a better future for Senegal and Africa-at-large. We provide impact sourcing solutions to companies of all sizes as well as STEM-centered skill development, certification and venture-building in an effort to equip talented African youth to be capable problem-solvers today and tomorrow. At Innovation House, we are big on Deep Technologies such as robotics, blockchain, A.I., machine learning and more. Discover more about Innovation House Dakar now!

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The 3 iH Pillars:

Delivering Deep Tech Solutions

Cultivating skills in the ever-so-important STEM fields is at the heart of all Innovation House initiatives, for children of all ages as well as talented graduates. We focus on creating the environment for the production of high-quality Deep Tech Deliverables. From impact sourcing to in-house software studio services and more.

Venture + Capacity Building

We see a positive relationship between STEM-centered skill-building for the 21st century and sustainable career success for youth on the African continent. We bring the people, talent, experts, and other resources together so as to develop those ready to work hard, learn and lead positive change.

Globally-Connected House

Our model leverages skills, talents and buy-in from a distributed community of Tech experts, Mentors and Residents that come from -- or are based -- all over the world. Innovation House brings together future-shaping individuals looking to develop or leverage their skills to change Africa and the world for the better.

A House That Never Sleeps

A place for creativity and problem-solving to roam freely; a space that truly embraces the (future) nature of work.

Impact Sourcing: The Heart of Innovation House

We offer Impact Sourcing solutions for companies of all sizes, with iH as a base of operations, a city with a sea of untapped Deep Tech potential. Junior programmers work on cutting-edge projects while being supervised by mid-to-high-level software engineers. From blockchain to NLP, from artificial intelligence to robotics, the local-based, but globally-sourced talent pool at iH can deliver the outcomes your Deep Tech project requires.

Startup Studio Services

Software development can be time-consuming and cash-intensive. We do our best to remove these bottlenecks with our Inn-House software development team. Talented software developers, engineers and architects handle all development needs from zero to one, and they are capable of working on projects for startups as well as larger corporates.


Engaging The Future With STEMPlay

The most impact-creating and abundant jobs of the future will largely be STEM jobs. Innovation House is a perfect place to cultivate the interests and develop the skills of talented African youth. What better way to learn than to incorporate some fun?

Tech Communities

The Innovation House Tech Communities possess strong expertise in Deep Technology fields, and they serve as the anchor of all Innovation House efforts. Having a distributed network of passionate individuals in Design, Gaming, Robotics, Blockchain and more enables many Residents to accelerate their abilities. As well, Tech Communities work on creating solutions that address problems on the African continent.

Corporate Innovation Training

Is your organization looking to launch a new product? Interested in equipping employees in your company with Design Thinking Methodology skills? Benefit from highly-experienced, high-touch training to mitigate the risk of new business initiatives, conduct engaging Design Thinking Sprints, get buy-in for new training modules, and more!

Ready to work on exciting Impact Sourcing projects? Or, have a big Deep Tech idea you'd like to work on from Innovation House? See if you qualify!

Tech expertise. Globally-sourced.

Our Tech community experts are mostly distributed, yet highly-engaged, in areas such as Design, Blockchain, Gaming, Robotics and more. Innovation House is a true immersion in the future of work.

Discover iH Tech Community

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Check out the list below for some of our most frequently asked questions! If you're questions isn't answered here, send us an email at hello@innov.house and we'll get back to you within 72 hours.

1. What is Impact Sourcing?

Discussing impact sourcing in Africa will always excite us! Essentially, impact sourcing is a practice where a company prioritizes working with suppliers like Innovation House which intentionally hire people who otherwise have limited formal employment prospects. It began with low-skill tasks such as answering phones in call centers, and it has now evolved to software development, data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other deep technology needs.

2. What types of corporations do you work with?

Great question! It’s best that you speak with our Sourcing Account Manager. Please email us at sourcing@innov.house expressing your interest in learning more.

3. Is Innovation House a co-working space?

The short answer to this is no, although the Residents in the House working on Impact Sourcing projects or big ideas could potentially spend some time interacting with each other. This means that working from iH is by invitation-only. However, events such as the iH Talks series is open to the public, but, our focus is to ensure the space is optimized for all of our Residents.

4. Who can be a Resident of Innovation House?

Residents vary in type. We offer Residency for aspiring founders, EIRs (entrepreneurs-in-residence), Teachers, small teams from larger companies, and of course the Junior and Senior developers working on impact sourcing projects. Go here to learn more about the types of Residents there are at iH, and to apply yourself if you’d like to join us!

5. Do people actually sleep in the House?

Ha! Great question. No, no one actually sleeps at the House, although some people may have fallen asleep at their computers or dozed off for a few minutes in one of our poufs!

6. How can I get my child involved with the STEMPlay program?

You may visit this link here to get more information and register your child(ren) for the STEMPlay program, set to begin in February 2020!

7. What types of events do you hold at Innovation House and how can I attend?

Simply put, we host events we feel will add a huge amount of value to the iH Community and to the growing knowledge of STEM, Venture-building, Africa and more.


If your question isn’t answered here, no worries! Click the button below to Contact Us directly.

About Innovation House

We provide smarter sourcing solutions to corporations and STEM-centered skill development and venture-building programs for talented African youth, so as to cultivate problem-solvers, change makers and refreshed thinkers on the African continent.


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